Northeast Community Fund addresses poverty concerns

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - The Northeast Community Fund helps people out every day.

Jerry Pelz, director of the not-for-profit, says his goal is to help get people out of poverty and keep people from getting into poverty. Pelz says it is important to help people in the community.

"There are many families in this community that are challenged due to loss of jobs, the increase of social security or retirement, or other things that just haven't kept up with the cost of living."

The organization does a little bit of everything. Everyday the organization feeds the hungry, clothes people who need clothing and educates people on how to get out of poverty. Pelz says the fund has been doing this for 50 years. He says the best part is all of the success stories. 

"They feel good about themselves (and) they also understand," he said. "In the end you see people who are genuinely happy to be self-sufficient." 

Right now, he says this is an exciting time for the Northeast Community Fund.

"The future looks wonderful for us," he said. "We just broke ground a few days ago on the new building."

This new facility will allow the organization to help more people. That's why the Northeast Community Fund is this week's Spirit of Central Illinois recipient. 

The fund accepts donations of all kinds. The organization is in need of fresh produce, volunteers, clothing, household items, shoes, hotplates, crock-pots, toaster overs, microwaves or cash. To get in touch with the Northeast Community Fund contact them at (217) 429-5846. To nominate someone for the Spirit of Central Illinois Award, email