Students run food donation program

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Elementary school students are putting together food donations for people who need them.

Kids are working as volunteers in a 5th grade class at Durfee Elementary School. The students work to fill lunch bags and give them to students who need food for the weekend. The volunteers work every Friday on the bags, which include fruits, vegetables and protein.

WAND-TV awarded Durfee with its Spirit of Central Illinois Award for the effort classes have gone through. It’s a project the students end up running themselves. 

“They all want to do it,” said teacher Heather Herron. “Every week they say, ‘Can I help with the food bank? Can I help pass out?’ It’s really cool to see them want to give back to their own because it all goes to students here at Durfee.”

"I like doing the food pantry because I like to help people out because I don't think anyone should not have food on the weekends," said fifth grade student Jahria Flournoy." 

Teachers say 13 students are getting help from the food bank right now. They’re still taking donations of items like fruit cups and cans of tuna, which can go directly to Durfee Elementary School.