Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault

SPRINGFIELD, Il. (WAND) -- The Prairie Center for Sexual Assault is 'Turning the Town Teal' in Springfield to raise awareness for sexual assault survivors. 

"Every women has a story to tell: Whether it was a violent attack, whether it was just harassment at a bar, whether it was a woman being cat called down the street," Deb Bonner, a prevention & community advocate for the Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault said. "One-in-three women will experience some sort of sexual violence in their lifetime."

This year's Walk-A-Mile-In-Her-Shoes event will be virtual, the mission though, still clear.

"It's one of our biggest fundraisers of the year and it really helps us with our mission to provide counseling for adult and children survivors of sexual violence," Bonner said.

The fund raised money allows the organization to provide counseling for 11 counties in central Illinois.

"Anyone who has experienced sexual violence needs counseling. It's one of those things where it is so traumatizing to the survivor," Bonner said. "If you don't have access to resources, the ramifications are just incredible."

34 years the sexual assault center has been aiding survivors who have dealt with depression, PTSD or even suicidal thoughts -- all of that -- they hope will come to an end, beginning now.

"Every women has walked fast to her car, that needs to stop. We can't live in fear and so the only way to end the violence is to end the silence," Bonner said.

The virtual event runs now until April 24th. 

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