Springfield- A hair stylist in Springfield said she "always had a passion for hair and a desire to help people."

Veris Van turned that passion into a not-for-profit business.

However, it's more than a hair style she's offering. Van has tapped into a market she says needed her talented hands. She is working with multi-racial foster care parents having a difficult time managing their child's hair.

"You can love with any color but you have to know how to maintain their hair and we need to be willing to give that knowledge to those families," Veris Van of Bless'It Beauty Salon said.

She is working with five foster care agencies and close to 20 families.

"I had a great time connecting with my mother when she did my hair and I want to provide that connection with my families. Be it any kind of race," Van added.

 Her first client was Ashti Dawson. Ashti was a foster child to a caucasian couple who have different textured hair.

"I don't want to say the word fro because that's not appropriate for what was being done to it. It just looked like a mushroom," Ashti Dawson said.

Dawson doesn't want her daughter to grow up the way she did.

"She told me that she didn't know how to do her child's hair and she didn't get the best response back on help," Van added.

Dawson's daughter, Malaysia Moore said, "there's a lot of curls to handle and it's really hard to comb."

So they came to Bless'It Beauty Salon in Springfield about six years ago and they received more than what they intended on receiving.

"She's just there for me. It's gone from just doing hair to so much more," Dawson added.

Van's mission is to beautifying her client's outward appearance while increasing their inward confidence at every appointment.

If you would like to get in touch with Veris Van, her contact information can be found on her website; blessitbeautysalon.webs.com. Her salon is at 901 Clocktower Suite C Springfield, IL 62702.

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