41st annual National Biker Roundup rides to Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - The roars of hundreds of motorcycles are all one will hear over the weekend.

Springfield is officially the spot for the 41st annual National Biker Roundup. It is the largest black motorcycle rally in the U.S. However, it'll be the first and last time the event will be there. It's a tradition for NBR to not visit the same city twice. 

"This is what we look forward to every year," Curt Houston said, who traveled from Cleveland, Ohio. "We chill out, sit around in the campsite and just sit back and relax." 

The National Biker Roundup started off as an event where a small group of motorcyclists camped out together, one night. Over the years, it grew to something bigger. Now, it is like a family reunion. Mike Miller and Kay Davis traveled from Kansas City, Mo., and they expressed how much they love the bike rally.

"It's a unity thing," Davis said. "Everybody (is) coming together. We're all the same. There's no difference."

"It's just amazing that we get together like this every year," Miller added.

The roundup will last until Sunday. On that day, NBR officials will choose where the 42nd rally will take place.