DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - The State of Illinois continues to iron out issues with the unemployment system, but a Decatur man said it is not getting done fast enough.

David Requarth said he lost his job mid-March, because of the current health pandemic. Just last week he received his first unemployment check.

"I have tried and tried, and then frustration sits in, and you quit."

Requarth, a Marine Corps for five years, said after getting let go, he admits to sitting idle for a few weeks looking for other work. When nothing was available, he turned to filing for unemployment.

"It was totally impossible," Requarth said of trying to navigate through the state's site.

From issues with filing online to struggles with getting questions answered through the phone, Requarth said at one point he called 29 times just to get through and hung up on.

"If we are being hung up on and millions of people can't get their questions answered, then we are being left in the lurch. So, what do we do next?"

Representative Dan Caulkins said his office has received a number of calls with people complaining about the issues with the system.

"It's just flooded with calls from people who can't navigate the system, can't get in and can't get their claims processed."

Governor JB Pritzker assured workers glitches are getting fixed and that the people of Illinois are at the forefront of his decision-making.

"IDES has vastly expanded its system capabilities."

Requarth said those who filed unemployment were promised back pay for the time spent waiting on money. He said his first and most recent check was only for the amount of the claim. It did not include back pay he was promised.

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