GEORGETOWN, Ill. (WAND) — You can't spell kindness with K-I-D.

One particular hallway in Pine Crest Elementary serves as a reminder of that — the paper stars on the window casting a shadow on the hallway floor.

The four student 'houses' at Pine Crest are in a friendly competition to earn the most stars — each one representing a random act of kindness. The program was started by 5th grade teacher Melissa Escamilla after she stumbled upon the idea one night at home.

"You never know, just a simple smile or a handshake or a wave can make a person's day," Escamilla said. "To see the amount of kids that come back in and talk about the things they've done for their's just so exciting."

And the stars have piled up. Students earn the stars for everything from taking out the trash at home to sending valentines to veterans overseas.

"Us kids want to show the adults what we know how to do and what we're doing," said 5th grade student Sam Vice. "Not only can we do stuff for our school, we can do stuff for our country."

The goal is to have 1000 stars on the windows by the start of spring break. The school will reveal the final total at an assembly next week.