(WAND) – According to a new study, having at least one video gambling establishment located in an area can increase the crime rate.

The study called “Can’t Stop the One-Armed Bandits: The Effects of Access to Gambling on Crime” takes a look at the increase and access to gambling and it's relation to crime.  

Property crime and violent crimes rates in the areas with video gambling went up by more than 6 and 7 percent in areas around Chicago, according to the study. 

"Since the time video gambling was adopted, we estimate that it contributed an additional: 119.5 sexual assaults, 322.7 aggravated batteries, 992.7 robberies, 692.2 burglaries, 1,562.3 larcenies, and 1,123.7 motor vehicle thefts," the study states. "This amounts to a total cost of almost $55.5 million."

According to the study’s author, Nicolas Bottan there isn’t conclusive proof to the rise in crime, but the findings do have a strong correlation.

Illinois alone receives over $1.3 billion in revenue each year for video gaming. There are over 27,145 video gaming machines in Illinois. Springfield alone has over 600.

The full study can be found below: