SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Leaders are teaching kids how to have faith on and off the ice.

This is the second year the Catholic Hockey Camp has come to Springfield.

Chicago native Christopher Gomez came up with the idea for this camp after losing his own faith.

"There's no reason why I shouldn't be in the pits of hell right now, having attempted suicide at 22," Gomez said. "The Lord sent my guardian angel that night and saved my life."

Now, Gomez and his brother run the three-day camp, teaching kids how to improve their hockey skills and have more faith in Jesus.

"I just hope every kid has the opportunity to encounter Jesus now, rather than later in life like I did," Gomez said.

Every morning, the camp starts with mass before the kids lace up their skates.

"The kids are on the ice two times a day and do off ice training as well," Gomez said. "Other elements of faith we bring in (are), we teach kids to pray the rosary and there's faith talks."

The Gomez brothers hope this camp will teach kids how to have faith in their everyday lives.

"Kids can see, if I want to love Jesus, I don't have to become a priest," Gomez said. "I can do that as a CEO, an accountant or a teacher."