Summer Sees Rise in Car Thefts, Police Respond with Tips

SPRINGFIELD - A slew of car theft reports is resulting in the Sangamon County Crime Stoppers being concerned and warning residents.

With just a click of your car remote you can secure not only your belongings but your peace of mind. With the summer weather bringing out not only the hotter temps but a more carefree disposition, Officer Mike Badger with Springfield Crime Stoppers believes that may be the reason for neighborhoods experiencing an influx of car thefts.

Badger said, "You know sometimes in the summer months when it’s really hot and you're really focused on that you might just get out of the air conditioned car and run into the house or we've had a lot of rain in the area and when it's raining you forget to take the keys out of the ignition."

Many of these scenarios have led up to people losing money, laptops, and in some cases, the cars themselves.

To help prevent this from happening to you Officer Badger said, "Take your keys in with you and lock your doors and try and park in a well-lit area if possible."