As public pools open, swimming safety is top priority

(WAND) – More than half of Americans use swimming pools to bathe, according to a survey.

A Healthy Pools survey compiled by Sachs Media Group online found 51 percent of people in the U.S. use pools as bathtubs. People do this despite 64 percent of citizens knowing pool chemicals aren’t enough to prevent needing to shower before getting in the water.

More eye-opening stats from the survey show 40 percent of Americans say they’ve peed in a pool as adults. In addition, 24 percent say they’ve been in a pool in a one-hour window after having diarrhea. Finally, 48 percent say they don’t ever shower before getting in.

Sachs talked with 3,100 adults between April 12 and 13 in the survey.

The Water Quality and Health Council is encouraging more people to use free pool tests kits, available in the 15th annual Healthy Pools Campaign, on swimming pools so they can see where chlorine and pH levels stand. According to the survey, only 1 in 5 Americans say they’ve ever used a test kit.

The council also has a list of local and state health departments across the country that give the public access to swimming pool inspection reports.