URBANA, Ill. (WAND) – A man who faced murder charges in a 2018 murder case is free after a jury acquitted him.

Cory Jackson, 32, was accused of involvement in the July 21, 2018 death of Martez Taylor. The crime happened in the driveway of an Urbana townhome on that date.

Two sisters serving as witnesses for the prosecution, Malaia and Alisha Turner, claimed during Jackson’s trial that he handed a gun to the alleged shooter, Keith Campbell. Prosecutors said Campbell then fired into a car Taylor sat in at the time.

The News-Gazette reports Campbell remains on the run Friday.

The jury acquitted Jackson after 90 minutes of deliberations, where they found there was no proof beyond a reasonable doubt to convict him. The newspaper watched Jackson and his Champaign attorney, Steve Sarm, hug at the end of the trial.

Police worked quickly to move supporters of Taylor and Jackson away from the courthouse, as a few of them exchanged words outside.

Jackson, who had been in custody since Aug. 20, 2018, was expected to be free from jail Friday afternoon.