DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – As more Americans get the COVID-19 vaccine, a growing number of states are coming forward with plans to use so-called COVID-19 vaccine passports.

"I think the marketplace is going to demand that there be some ability or capacity for some businesses to say to someone that they want to see you are fully vaccinated in order to enter the business,” Ed Yohnka, the director of communications and public policy for the ACLU of Illinois, said.

While some states already have plans, the federal government said it has no plans to implement such a thing.

The ‘passports’ could be used to prove you're vaccinated to take part in events, enter a business or travel on a plane.

"Businesses may be well within their rights to do that and I do not think that it does not infringes on personal liberties the way it does if Government is making that demand,” Yohnka said.

The ACLU warns "a lot can go wrong" with passports, especially those that are electronic. Yohnka said 28 to 30% of Americans do not have access to a smartphone. making providing proof hard. The ACLU is also worried about the storage of private medical information - something it does not support - but Yohnka believes a certificate is likely the way of the future.

"This is a pandemic where half a million people have died and in order to protect ourselves. We may need to do things to in the same way to demonstrate that our children are vaccinated to enter school,” he said.

The number of Americans being vaccinated is breaking records.  The country is administrating at least 2 million shots a day. New data shows close to 25% of people have been vaccinated.  

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