DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Over 2 billion application downloads were marked worldwide for the popular video app TikTok, according to the company.

Millions of users uploading their creative videos spark comedy and even emotion world-wide. During the COVID-19 crisis app downloads soared as people were forced to shelter at home.

"I like the creativity that certain people do and the trends," said TikTok user, Nick Sanguinetti.

However, danger can lurk behind the screen. Former Illinois Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, who is a member of Illinois PTA and a mother of three, including Nick Sanguinetti, encouraged parents to monitor what their kids are watching.

"It's tough for our children to distinguish between who is a friend or a foe contacting you that's why this limitation on direct messing is so very important."

TikTok offers a Family Pairing feature that allows parent's to link their TikTok accounts to their child's account. Through this feature parents can monitor screen time, manage direct messages and restrict certain content.

"Not everything on TikTok is meant for their eyes," said Former Lt. Gov. Sanguinetti.

Local law enforcement continue to stress the importance of monitoring devices. Sergeant Scott Flannery with the Macon County Sheriff's Department said parents should be more hands on with their children's devices.

"We have a hands off rule at home, so at any minute and at any time I can walk up and say hands off and you've got to give me your phone, you've got to give me the laptop," said Sgt. Flannery. 

TikTok continues to monitor the content posted to the application, but Former Lt. Gov. Sanguiett said that's not enough and it's time for parents to have a discussion with their kids about staying safe on social media.

"When wrongdoers get to our kids that is incredibly uncool, so we've got to keep talking to them about it, because again these dangers are so easily available," Former Lt. Gov. Sanguiett said. 

To find out how parents can change the privacy setting on their children's devices or set up Family Pairing, click here.

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