Tower at center of Danville lawsuit sold

DANVILLE, Ill. (WAND) – A downtown Danville building at the center of a lawsuit is now under new ownership.

Historic Restoration Inc., a non-profit owned by Scottie Porter, sold the Bresee Tower to someone new. Porter said he could not reveal who bought it and what price was involved on Tuesday.

The city of Danville sued Land Company of Danville, a limited liability company also owned by Porter, in October 2017. The News-Gazette reports the city called the building “abandoned” and “dangerous” to the public. Leaders poured over $21,000 into creating a covered walkway for pedestrians after parts of the building started falling on sidewalks in 2007.

The newspaper says Forcht Group, which is based in Kentucky, gained ownership of the tower in 1993 after it bought radio station WIAI. The company sent the building to Land Company after announcing plans to close it in 2006. Historic Restoration Inc. gained control after Forcht donated Land Company and the Bresee Tower to it on Oct. 3, 2017.

The lawsuit, filed later in October after Historic Restoration gained control of the tower, demanded that the Land Company find a way to take it down in 30 days, restore it in 60 or give it to the city. It claimed Land Company didn’t do enough to repair the structure before parts of it started falling.

Porter said the lawsuit made moving forward with restoration a challenge.

He told The News-Gazette he thinks the city will drop the lawsuit, since he doesn’t own Bresee Tower anymore. He says the 13-story building should have a “very bright and beautiful future”.