Brendt Christensen

PEORIA, Ill. (WAND)- The University of Illinois had "no written internal investigation" of Brendt Christensen's counseling or behavior in the months after Yingying Zhang's death, a university attorney said Thursday.

Before his trial, Christensen's defense had requested through subpoena university records related to Christensen's visits to a university counseling and correspondence with "higher-ups" at the school about his case.

University of Illinois attorneys said they turned over hundreds of pages of documents; during the guilt phase of the trial, they also presented Judge James Shadid with a binder of documents they said contained privileged communications with university counsel.

During a hearing at noon Thursday, Christensen's team argued it was "inconceivable" the university did not have after-action reports or other correspondence related to the case.

The university's attorney said a university search for such documents turned up nothing.

Judge Shadid offered to allow the defense to review the binder with the university's attorney. He said he believed the university had complied with the defense request.