Urbana library buys lot for entrance upgrade

URBANA, Ill. (WAND) – An Urbana library is planning to expand with a new purchase.

The Urbana Free Library recently bought an empty corner lot at the intersection of Race and Green streets downtown. Citizen donations completely covered the $115,000 cost. Library leaders began asking for donations for the lot purchase in a November fund drive letter.  

The Urbana Free Library Foundation says it plans to use the area to spruce up its presentation.

"Making this vacant lot into a beautiful, landscaped entryway to the library is something I and lot of other Urbana residents have wanted to see for a long time," Mayor Diane Marlin said.

The lot is located south of the library. It used to be home to Auler Law Office, a building the city demolished in 2015.

The foundation is now raising money for landscaping and other Urbana Free Library needs. You can click here to donate.