DANVILLE, Ill. (WAND) - In a desperate need for help, there's not any room left for these four-legged friends.

"We have about 80 dogs in house, that's not including all of our fosters. And about 120 cats," said Ann Puzey, ACO Dispatcher at Vermilion County Animal Regulations and Animal Shelter.
As of August 1st, the Vermilion Animal Shelter announced their dog kennels are at full capacity. Making it harder for the shelter to accept other animals in need.
"And that's just heartbreaking to me. To have to take the life of a happy, healthy animal. When all it wanted was to go home to somebody," said Sage Lundquist.
Along with senior dogs and pitte and pittie mixes being free, the shelter makes sure your furry friend is ready to go.
"You get them fixed, you get first round shots, you get free health exam, and a little goodie bag to-go," said Puzey.
Although they're in desperate need, they urge people to be prepared. Because a new pet is like a family member.
"They're a member of family, basically like a toddler. You have to teach it, you have to take it training, you have to socialize it, that's a big one," said Puzey.
Saving one will change not only the animal's life, but yours too.
"All of my pets have been from animal shelters, and they're just amazing life-long companions," said Lundquist.
"I've been here 15 years, and I've seen a lot of good stuff and a lot of bad stuff. See their reaction, of the instant connection. It makes everything better," said Puzey.

You can head over to the shelter's website here or Facebook page to start your application process. There you can also browse available animals for adoption and find out more information on specials they're having. 

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