Veteran receives much-needed dental surgery

SPRINGFIELD - Aspen Dental is making sure that affordable dental care is a reality for all, especially veterans.  

Justin Bodine served for eight years in the Army and has been suffering with dental issues for years until Aspen Dental afforded him an opportunity to get an almost free oral surgery.

Bodine says, “When I smile I don’t open my mouth. When I talk I don’t open my mouth, so yeah, maybe now I’ll be able to open my mouth when I talk after this and I might be able to smile like that.”

Justin had 10 teeth removed and oral surgeon Josh Foxson created a partial denture for Bodine to give not only a new grin, but confidence.

Dr. Foxson said, “These are folks who take care of us and fought for us and our freedoms and the things that we hold near and dear, and if they can do that for us, the least we can do is help them out when we can.”

This service is apart of the initiative called Healthy Mouth Movement by Aspen Dental.