SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) — A new housing opportunity awaits women leaving jail or prison.

The Victory House is opening soon in Springfield, and will provide housing, and additional support for three women at a time. The Victory House is a nonprofit, run by Chief Executive Ulonda Gladney.

Gladney was supported by nonprofit Options Outreach Ministry, that has opened similar houses in other states. The team at Options Outreach say without additional support, women leaving jail may end up homeless. 

"It's just something that's well needed because a lot of times everybody's just gonna end up homeless and you don't want that," said Marilynn Walton, the Executive Director of Options Outreach Ministry. Walton explained that most women leaving incarceration have very little, and finding housing, employment, and resources is difficult. 

"Some people don't want to hire ex-offenders or provide housing from them as well," said Walton. "So they face the challenges with finding the place to live and in a job, you know, they don't have a wide variety of choices to choose from."

Gladney's goal is to tackle some of the stigmas people have around ex-offenders to ensure they get a second chance. She is hoping to open the house up for residents as soon as possible, and is currently working on contracts with the Illinois Department of Corrections. 

The Victory House is looking for donations to furnish the home, specifically twin size bed frames, and dressers. Anyone with donations, or questions, is asked to reach out to Ulonda Gladney at (217) 851-9670.

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