DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – If a picture is worth a thousand words, the messages in the pictures posted on a now viral Facebook page are priceless.

“It touches my heart,” Krista Wynes, founder of Heart Hunters, told WAND. “It makes me smile.

Wynes, of Galesburg, began the Facebook page after sharing a post of a heart in a home’s window in a different Facebook group, where someone suggested she create another group specifically for the virtual scavenger hunt.

"I thought hearts are great because the symbolize everything we all have,” Wynes said. “The love, kindness and unity."

The movement has now reached all 50 states, 37 countries and every continent except Antarctica. The group started on March 21, 2020 grew to over 419,000 members in six days.

"I just can’t believe that a single post in a group started all of these,” Wynes.

Wynes mission with the group is to provide a smile to the world in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

"Be kind and spread and joy and happiness and try and let some of the negativity go," Wynes said.

Central Illinois quickly jumped on the movement and hearts have started popping up in windows all over the area.

"We're praying for our country and our world, really, that we can just come out of this okay,” Yocelyn Stark, who is taking part in the movement in Decatur, said.

Stark’s Decatur home is plastered with hearts, her driveway is covered, and the family car is even getting some love.

"I love art so this is a way to incorporate art into an activity you can do with your children," Stark said.

It is a simple gesture from a small Illinois town, providing a sense of hope in a time of uncertainty.

 "It has brought tears of joys to us many times,” Wynes said. “I have had lots of people thanking me for giving them hope."

There is a Geomap for the Decatur area with locations on where you can see hearts in windows if you want to take part in the virtual scavenger hunt. You can add your home to the map by clicking here.

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