harvest moon

(WAND) - A day many people dread is here, Friday the 13th.

Many people are superstitious about this particular day, but why is that?

No one really knows what caused people to become wary of seeing a 13 next to Friday on the calendar, but there are several stories that could have played a part.

Timeanddate.com states the day was first documented in writing in a biography of Italian composer Gioachino Rossini who died on a Friday the 13th.

Some people think there is a link to Biblical times. There were 13 people at the Last Supper, and the crucifixion took place on a Friday.

Fear of Friday the 13th is an actual condition called "paraskevidekatriaphobia," from the Greek words “Paraskevi” for Friday and “dekatreis” for 13.

It may be one of the widest spread superstitions in the United States.

Friday the 13th happens twice in 2019. A month must begin on a Sunday in order to have a Friday the 13th in any month.

However, not every culture considers Friday the 13th unlucky.

Italians believe the number 17 is unlucky, making Friday the 17th an unlucky day.

The original "Friday the 13th" film was set on Friday June 13, 1979. But that date really fell on a Wednesday.

A German study explored the relationship between Friday the 13th, and blood loss and hospital visits and found no connection.

This Friday the 13th is also marked with a full "Harvest Moon."