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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - A crime craze is sweeping the nation. From podcasts to documentaries, this type of media is gaining a lot of popularity.

Clinical psychologist at the Behavioral Health Center of Illinois, Dr. Sara Bahn, says fear is a powerful emotion in all of us.

"We love to be scared, in the same sense of why we like roller coasters," Bahn says.

According to Bahn, fear gives us an adrenaline rush, and it acts as a high.

"We simply like train wrecks," Bahn says .If there's a disaster, most people are going to watch. It's hard to look away."

Bahn also says its natural for people to be interested in crimes, because we want to have all the answers.

"Human beings love to understand why and how to make sense of things and to connect the dots," Bahn says.

According to Dr. Bahn, watching crime shows are not harmful to your health, but she does recommend only watching in small doses.

"It's about the amount in which you're exposed to," Bahn says. "If you watch everyday, all the time, there will be a negative impact."

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