YAKIMA, Wash. (WAND) - As a champion roller skater, she was known as the Magnificent Millie. Now, at 89 years old, Millie Lewis certainly looked magnificent as she donned her roller skates one more time.

With the help of her occupational therapist, Lewis (who turns 90 soon) got back on her roller skates, just six weeks after suffering a stroke.

Lewis has been doing physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy at a facility in Washington.

During her time in therapy, Lewis and her family told her therapists she used to compete in the National Championship of roller skating dance. 

About a month into her rehab, Millie brought her skates into the facility. 

With the help of light gate equipment, she was able to skate one last time.

Family members said she was in her "happy place," and was all smiles as she glided through the halls.