CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - An 8-year-old girl beat cancer twice and now COVID-19 has added stress for the family.

Aminah Helmick was first diagnosed with cancer back in 2015 and in 2016, her cancer returned. Just last month, Aminah was able to ring the bell after finishing her final round of chemo.

However, her mother says COVID-19 has put her at high risk now.

"Aminah's doctor has issued a shelter-in-place and said that I cannot go out of the home to work," said Maryam Ar-Rageem, Aminah's mother.

Maryam works for the Illinois Department of Security and says she was granted the leave, but it's without pay.

"I just think it's unjust," she said.

She says Aminah is still waiting on a kidney and COVID-19, may postpone those plans.

"I know they're canceling all surgeries and appointments that aren't considered essential. I'm not sure what children's hospital has to say about all that and if they even want me to bring Aminah into the hospital for her appointments next month because of the locations of the hospitals in downtown Chicago and it's a huge medical complex that's been flooded with cases of COVID-19," she said.

Maryam is still waiting to hear back from the doctors before the end of April.