Yearbook label upsets high school senior, mother

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND)— High school yearbooks are a special momentum you have throughout your life to look back on your younger years, and senior superlatives are a big part of that book.

 However, this year Eisenhower’s High School yearbook had one superlative that left a student not wanting to look back at his high school memories.

Chauncey Wulf is a big name in wheelchair basketball. He was named the National Wheelchair Basketball Association’s Nike Player of the Month. He was also a key teammate on the Peoria Wildcats when the team won a state championship and carried a No. 8 national ranking. With all of that under his belt, the high school senior was only recognized for one thing in the yearbook: “Most Accident Prone.”

When Chauncey was four years old, he was involved in a car crash that left him in a wheelchair.

I was in the yearbook for most accident prone, but there was no things in there at all about my accomplishments in basketball," he said. "I was given it because I bump into stuff in my wheelchair."

"I find this ironic. He's never had an accident in the school," Chauncey's mother, Crystal Wulf, said. "Matter of fact, the only accident the kid has ever had was the one that put him in the wheelchair.

"I went down to the school and I just asked them can you please clear this up for me. This is so farfetched it never really could have happened. Can you just show me the yearbook and prove to me it's not true.The yearbook teacher admitted yes they did. They placed him in there, that the students voted for him and he thought it was acceptable."

Decatur Public Schools had a short response. 

"These common categories, voted by students, are a way to represent memorials and personalities of the graduating class and have been included for the past several years," a statement said. 

Crystal says even though the students voted for her son, this superlative is not OK.

"You chose a senior, not for anything else he's ever done to put in a yearbook," she said. "You made a mockery of him, you took a low blow at him. You allowed it to go in a yearbook. A book that's supposed to be a lifetime keepsake. It became like a joke I guess, but it's not a joke I find funny."

"It's not necessarily the memory that I want to be remembered as," Chauncey said. "As the guy in the wheelchair that bumped into stuff."

The school released a statement saying this year’s yearbook will now be reprinted, but Crystal isn't satisfied. 

"I got word that they will pull the book, they will redo the book. There is still no word if Chauncey will be in this book. It's just we're going to pull him out, we're going to add some other sports, add some other events, but sorry, 75 of them are already out there that we can't get back. At this point the damage is done."

"My high school years are something that everyone always says, 'oh you'll remember it and always miss it'. I'll definitely remember it, but I don't think I'll miss it," Chauncey added. 

Read the full statement response from Decatur Public Schools below.