A local church ordered a youth minister to step down after she came out as bi-sexual.

Chierstan Burns had been a youth leader with Sullivan's Church of God for the last three years. Burns, a mother of five and wife of 10 years, recently came out as bi-sexual. In honor of pride month, she posted her support for the LGBTQIA+ community on social media.

Burns said the post caught the attention of the church's pastor. "I guess it is going against the churches stance on homosexuality," said Burns.

Thursday night, burns said the Church's board of elders, it's pastor, and other church leaders held a meeting, demanding Burns resign over the posts.

She refused, but was told she could no longer serve as the church's youth leader.

"We are to love everyone, just as God loves us," said Burns. "That is all I was trying to do and that is what I truly believe. I guess that is not something the church is... I don't even know the words." 

Burns was given documentation during the meeting that outlines the church's stance on homosexuality. The resolution, dating back to 1979, was updated in 1993, 2004 and 2014. It reads, "A homosexual life-style is perverse and destructive to individuals and society." It goes on to say, "The General Assembly stands firmly opposed to licensing, ordination or approving for leadership to those who are involved in this lifestyle."

"It is outdated," said Burns. "It is very hypocritical. We are taught to love everyone, but that document, that is not Gods love."

Burns is not sure what the future holds for her and her family, but she knows her time at the church is over. The church offered her a chance to return as a member, but she declined. "Maybe god has a bigger plan," said Burns.

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