Bob’s love for the weather came at an early, around 10 years old. He grew up on Long Island, NY, an ideal location for exciting weather. Bob had the opportunity to track a number of nor’easters and hurricanes. In fact he had a laminated map on his bedroom wall to track hurricanes, national storms, and nor’easters.

In high school Bob frequently gave storm tracks on the chalk board before class and talked weather with science teachers about the forecast. Although he had a passion for weather, Bob decided to go to college at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI and received a degree in hospitality management. He held a few hotel jobs but the passion for weather was still there.

Bob took a job in Grand Teton Park and worked at Jackson Lake Lodge shortly after college. It was a great summer of hiking in the beautiful Tetons. He wound up living in Jackson Hole for five years. In that time he did his fair share of skiing, biking, and hiking but also kicked off his broadcast career at an FM radio station as a DJ at a rock station in Jackson. During that time Bob also did weather forecasts for the AM sister station. After that he landed his first TV gig in Grand Junction, Colorado. He also had weather jobs in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Missouri at KSPR-TV.

In the ‘90s Bob studied at Mississippi State University and earned his Broadcast Meteorology degree. After that he received the AMS seal for excellence in broadcasting.

Bob and his wife Susan are happy to be in central Illinois, and looking forward to meeting viewers and others in the community. Susan is from North Carolina and is not fond of the cold and snowy weather, but Bob promises her the summers in central Illinois are a nice reward for a harsh winter.

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