MONTICELLO, Ill. (WAND) -- If you've been to a Monticello sporting event, you've been in the same room as Art "Buz" Sievers.

You might not have noticed, but things were running smoothly in large part because of his quiet service behind the scenes.

Now after more than five decades donating his time to the Monticello (and Illinois State) communities, the Sages family is returning the favor.

The Monticello board agreed to name the Sages' gymnasium the "Art 'Buz' Sievers Center".

In this extended WAND interview, Sievers responds to the honor and shares why he's given thousands of hours to track meets, basketball games and the like. Plus he gives some history of his family that dates back more than 75 years in the Monticello area, including the story behind the nickname "Buz".