It's a brand new segment called "Sports Brings us Together" and it's all about celebrating the many ways that sports bridges cultural, racial, language and any other kind of gap between two people.

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Episode 4: Herman Senor makes friend at camp

Springfield High star Herman Senor shares his experience of making a connection at basketball camp and how it launched a friendship that bridged different communities in Springfield and Pana.

Episode 3: Kevin Hale saved by his own team in time of crisis

With his young son's life hanging in the balance, Warrensburg-Latham baseball coach Kevin Hale needed a hand. What he got was a whole team-full of hands. Families helped with meals and childcare. When Coach Hale came back to the team, a young pitcher named Jason Edwards dedicated a masterful performance to baby Nolan.

Episode 2: Karon Shelley on 0-18 lessons

His team had every reason to implode -- they were 0-18 in a two-year span, after all. But as Decatur teenager Karon Shelley shares, the Eisenhower Panther football team stayed together from start to finish. Hear about how his coaches helped build a culture of togetherness when they could have fractured.

Note: Since recording this video, Shelley has announced he intends to transfer from Eisenhower to MacArthur.

Episode 1: Roe Skidmore, MVP George Foster and the "Honey Incident"

Decatur native Roe Skidmore shares about building a friendship with George Foster in the San Francisco Giants system in 1968. Foster would blossom into a superstar for the Reds' 1970s dynastyand was 1977 National League MVP. One day Skidmore attempted to copy Foster's pregame routine and learned a valuable lesson!

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