CS8 president affirms commitment to MacArthur, Eisenhower

CHATHAM -- Glenwood High principal Russ Tepen quashed any potential controversy stemming from a Springfield school board member's comments about Decatur earlier this week in an open letter to the area's academic community.

Tepen, the president of the Central State Eight, released a statement on Thursday affirming the conference's interest in maintaining a relationship with Decatur's MacArthur and Eisenhower High Schools. The letter came in response to Springfield school board member Adam Lopez's suggestion earlier this week that District 186 explore the possibility of revoking the Decatur schools' membership status. A fight broke out at MacArthur and Lanphier's most recent basketball game and in 2014 as well.

The statement reads:


Recently, remarks were made publicly in regards to the standing of our colleagues and athletes from Decatur. The CS8 conference would like to acknowledge and reaffirm our unwavering support for the coaches, athletes, families, and community of Decatur. The CS8 has earned the reputation of academic excellence, and consistently has teams compete at high levels in all sports. Decatur coaches and athletes are important to the continued success of the conference, and are valued members of the CS8 family. It's important we take time to celebrate student's gifts and talents, regardless the jersey they wear. Diversity makes our conference great, and unity will make it better!

Russ Tepen, Ed D

Principal, Glenwood High School

President, CS8 Conference"