DECATUR, ILL. (WAND)-- The Danville Vikings are many things.

"We are fearless. That's what the most important thing is to be fearless and to compete, every single game," Danville senior Nathanael Hoskins said. 

They're also optimistic. 

"It's been tough, but just gotta think of the positives, what's gonna come out of it," Danville senior Tevin Smith said. 

They're also unfortunately, they're also unsure. 

"Lot of people come to coaches for answers. We really don't have true answers, because there's really no true answers right now," Danville Head Coach Durrell Robinson said. 

Robinson is a man with basketball experience. However, no amount of experience can guarantee a season when COVID-19 is still halting society. That doesn't mean the grind to improve stops. The grind never stops. 

"I mean basically gotta stay ready so you don't need to get ready," Hoskins said. "Like if they said having a season in a week, I would be ready that's what I want our team to be. Just making sure that we're working out still, and staying in shape making sure we're not getting all big and stuff like that. You know, you gotta stay ready."

If Danville isn't ready, then the Vikings can't produce their first state title in school history.

"That would just be perfect for the city, because during this time, especially during this time, winning, when you're supposed to be losing in this year, that would be something," Smith said.

To win, the Vikings just need to follow the advice of their head coach.

"You know, each kid is different but I have the advantage of being from here," Robinson said. "I've known a lot of these kids since they've been little. I know their families, I know their backgrounds, I know those types of things, so that's really helpful and impactful for me, and like I said, I was even blessed to play overseas, I've done it all, so I can pass on information, whatever they need, I can tell them what I know about it. It's up to them to take and do what they want with it."

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