It's All-Time 5 Extra! When you hear each team announced on Wednesdays we don't get a chance to go in depth with all the great history of each school. That's why we bring the legends themselves into the studio for live interviews every Friday at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.! Think of it as a video podcast.

KaBoooooom! Every dunk, 3-pointer and heart-stopping moment at Warrensburg-Latham over the past few decades has had that punctuation mark. It's thanks to the effervescent David Brown, WAND's resident agricultural expert by day and public address Hall of Famer by night.

In this episode of All-Time 5 Extra, Brown provides some historical perspective for the Cardinals' roster, plus we discuss why three (!) Macon County Players of the Year -- Jarius Ingram, Greg Howell and Jacob Taylor -- will be entering the "game" off the bench.

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