CHARLESTON, Ill. (WAND) -- Practice might look limited given the helmets-only policy and contact ban, but that doesn't mean there's no activity on campus at Eastern Illinois.

Storyline 1: Cushing on national council

For starters, head coach Adam Cushing has been named to the Division I Football Oversight Committee. It's an eclectic group that includes athletic directors, administrators and even a couple of current student-athletes.

But only one coach is on the 19-person council: Cushing.

That's a nice feather in the cap of the second-year head coach, who comes to Eastern Illinois after a long career on staff at Northwestern. Cushing was nominated by the Ohio Valley Conference after indicating his interest.

The group handles everything from safety concerns to bowl certifications to rules changes.

Storyline 2: Youth galore

Cushing brought up a good point in his Wednesday press conference: there's a silver lining for Eastern Illinois as it is forced to wait to play games. That silver lining is that it affords a young team extra time to grow.

How about these numbers: 73 of the 111 roster members listed on the Panthers' website are in either their first or second year of college. That's a staggering 65.8 percent of the roster.

The isolated number of true freshmen is even more eye-popping: 41. That's to go with 32 second-year players (either redshirt freshmen or sophomores).

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