Meyers Leonard

Portland, Ore. (WAND) -- Meyers Leonard has come a long way from Robinson, Illinois.

The Crawford County native made a name for himself with posterizing dunks at Robinson High and then two hours up the road in Champaign for Bruce Weber's Illini.


This week he reached a new career peak when he put up 25 points in the first half of Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals against the dynastic Golden State Warriors.

But despite being the center of attention in the basketball world for a week, that's not what makes Meyers Leonard a hero -- explains WAND sports director Gordon Voit.

What makes Meyers Leonard a hero is how he demonstrated vulnerability in his press conference this week and shared about his struggles with depression. Not only that, but for how he has worked actively to help others in his shoes. That includes people like young journalist Jackson Frank, who shared this poignant story of how Leonard sought him out because he noticed Frank wasn't behaving like himself.



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