Hero of the Week: Taylorville Tornadoes spring into action

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TAYLORVILLE -- When an array of tornadoes hit the Christian County area last week, Ryan Brown knew something had to be done.

The boys basketball coach texted wrestling and football coach Lee Mateer, and rallied a large group of students from all across the Tornadoes athletic department and beyond.

They grabbed saws, climbed up to roofs and helped total strangers.

Downed power lines, ruptured gas lines, precarious structures and long hours potentially awaited them -- and yet the group didn't hesitate to act.

The Tornadoes not only played a role in the physical cleanup of the area, they provided an escape for the members of the community when they went ahead and played their game against Charleston on Tuesday -- barely 72 hours after entire neighborhoods were torn up.

For their selfless aid in a time of great need, the Taylorville athletic department earns WAND Hero of the Week.


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