Michael "Dubb" Williams has helped turn around the MacArthur General program in his two years at the helm.

DECATUR -- It wasn't that long ago that just eking out a win was cause for celebration for MacArthur's girls basketball program. In fact, in 2015-16 they won exactly that many: one.

Now in Year Two of the reboot presided over by head coach Michael "Dubb" Williams, the team doesn't celebrate individual wins -- in fact they run after rattling off 10 of them in a row.


"Their heads got a little big," Williams said. "Two days last week I ran their legs off because they weren't working hard. They thought we had won something because we had 10 in a row. After I got after them, they got back refocused and came out and probably played the best defense the last two games."

That attitude is a major reason the Generals (17-6, 8-3) have gone from 1-18 to 6-25 (in 2016-17) to their current hot streak of 14 straight wins and counting -- all in just two short seasons.

In this WAND feature, Williams, senior Jayda Dees and sophomore Quincenia Jackson share about the Generals' journey to remake the program.