Mac track

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) -- MacArthur solved two problems in one fell swoop.

Track numbers had dipped well below the levels the school saw back in its heyday of 1992, when it won the large-school state title under the old two-class system.

Pair that with the nationwide trend toward year-round sport specialization, and you have your two-pronged problem.

The solution was simple: combine forces. And it worked.

Participation for the MacArthur boys track team is up this season as football coach Derek Spates takes over. Football players are now expected to participate in track or another spring sport instead of just "training" on their own.

In this WAND feature story, team leaders Micha Reed and Marshaun Cook (son of 1992 star Marcus Cook) share their thoughts on the cultural change, while Spates shares his philosophy when it comes to the benefits of multi-sport participation.