Colin Bonner

Colin Bonner is the lead coach of the Decatur-based Mid-State Soccer Club, which has become one of the region's most respected programs thanks to its tournament success and its home complex.

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) -- As it rounds into its second decade of existence, the Mid-State Cup is gaining prominence as a regional soccer tournament and also a point of pride for the Decatur area.

The 10th annual event features roughly 120 boys and girls teams ranging from grade school up through 19-year-olds. Games start on Friday and championships will take place on Sunday. [Schedule]


As head coach Colin Bonner explains in this WAND Sports interview, teams from across the region consistently rave to him about the quality of the complex, which is maintained by the Decatur Park District and is located just south of Mound Road near Stephen Decatur Middle School.