DECATUR, ILL. (WAND-TV) -- Millikin Men's and Women's Basketball will have a season in 2021. 

In 15 days to be exact, the energy that both teams are displaying in practice will be used on the court during a unique regular season.

"College athletics is a grind, and sometimes you just grind through the day-to-day," Men's Head Coach Mark Scherer said.  "You have a hard time stopping and smelling the roses. As far as it being taken away from us, it let us step back and realize what a privilege it is to play and represent Millikin University."

That privilege has now turned into purpose. 

"I've coached a long time, this is the most energized practices I've ever had," Scherer said.

Now that both the men's and women's teams have found their energy, they're hoping to find results in the form of championships. 

"I know that we have to get ready and get ready quickly to play. I know we don't have the opportunity to play non-conference games, which at our level is very important," Scherer said. 

"It's exciting," Women's Head Coach Olivia Lett said of a season being reinstated. "There's a renewed energy. Our kids are working their tails off and they have been the whole time. But just to know that it's for something a little bit more now, they feel a little bit rejuvenated."

Now because players from both teams did such excellent jobs of conditioning on their own, it's made the transition to prepping for an actual season much easier. 

"We still have a lot to put in, but in terms of being ready to go, they're there," Lett said. "And so in the last couple of days, we've tried to simulate what a real game would feel like. Go short segments with short breaks, and go right back at it again, I think it's easy to fall into trying to teach too much and trying to get too much in there, when really it's just gonna come down to them being basketball players."

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