Marquez Beason

Duncanville, Texas athlete Marquez Beason is the highest-rated Illini recruit (No. 87 overall) in nearly a decade.

SIGNING DAY: What position will Illinois' two coveted recruits play? Which FBS transfers did ISU get? Which local star is headed to EIU? Visiting Signing Day for the Illini, Illinois State and Eastern Illinois!


Four star prospects Marquez Beason (Duncanville, Texas) and St. Louis quarterback Isaiah Williams headlined an Illinois class that ranks 13th out of 14 teams in the Big Ten but seventh in the league in terms of average recruiting score. Eleven players signed in all for Illinois.

Marquez Beason: No. 84 in country

Isaiah Williams: No. 109 in country


The Redbirds also signed 11 players and announced the transfer of three FBS players (two from Iowa and one from New Mexico).


First-year head coach Adam Cushing signed three players in the early period, all three of whom are from the state of Illinois. That was one of Cushing's primary goals after moving to Charleston from Evanston, where he was most recently Northwestern's offensive line coach. One of the three Panther signees was Sacred Heart-Griffin linebacker Grant Edwards, who will be a part of a ceremony on Thursday at SHG.