Southeast loses

Seniors Stepheon Sims (left) and Devin Blue-Robinson are part of a nine-senior class that helped the Spartans program win three sectional titles in four years.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) -- It will go down as the "What If?" season in Southeast history.

What if ... Division-I bound star Anthony Fairlee didn't sustain a severe leg injury?

What if ... burly center Herb McMath didn't to down to injury too?

Despite those setbacks, the senior-laded Spartans beat expectations at every turn. They earned a No. 3 statewide ranking in 3A and accumulated a 30-2 record leading up to Tuesday night's Super-Sectional loss to No. 4 East St. Louis 56-52.


Much like the Spartans' season, Tuesday's game left fans wondering "What If?".

What if they didn't have an uncharacteristic turnover in the game's final moments with the score tied at 50?

What if the officials noticed that there were six East St. Louis players on the court during foul shots with 1.9 seconds left?

Those are questions that Spartans fans will never have answered. But what they do know is that the nine-man senior class led by Terrion Murdix, Anthony Fairlee, Damon Davis, Devin Blue-Robinson, Jayden Hayes, Deon Mathews, Herb McMath, Stepheon Sims and Michael Tyler did something that no other class in school history has done: win three sectional titles in four years and reach the 2018 state championship game.