The following is a personal message from WAND Sports director Gordon Voit.

My friends,

Today I announce a new project: Sports Brings Us Together.

I believe that we are all given different gifts to serve others -- in a way that is uniquely ours. Some are given the capacity for incredible patience and become teachers. Some are given powerful brains to help solve complex mathematical problems. Some are given tremendous athletic ability and leverage that fame to help others.

We are all different members of one body, uniquely equipped for different tasks.

My gift is storytelling. It's how I see the world. It's how the world changes me. Hearing someone's testimony is my favorite way to get to know someone.

I see our community hurting, and so I am going to try to use that gift. It's simple.

I will be starting a project called Sports Brings Us Together.

We each have an example in our lives of a time when we befriended someone through sports that we never would have met otherwise. This is true for the professional basketball players like Blake Schilb and Darius Adams and Andre Iguodala and Trent Meacham, and also for regular dudes like myself. I never played professional ball, but I have met so many amazing people through the game that I never would have met otherwise.

Maybe it's a story of an unlikely friendship. Maybe you learned something by being with different kinds of people on a team. Maybe you had a conflict with someone and reconciled. Maybe you learned a difficult lesson through an injury or other unfortunate situation.

Let's share these inspiring stories and promote love and unity through sports.


Healing our community one story at a time.


I need you! Send in a video of you sharing your story to Please try to keep it to 30-45 seconds. Even a small anecdote or memory can be a powerful thing.

"My name is _____. I live in ______."


I will be compiling submissions as they come in, and will announce a release plan in the near future.


Share a video explaining a time that sports brought people together. Plain and simple.

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