Eisenhower four

Eisenhower's Lunden Cook (left to right), RJ Walker, Brylan Phillips and Cam Rowe aren't just their team's four leading scorers -- they're all sons (and a nephew) of the Panthers' five assistant coaches.

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) -- Statistics show that the rate of fatherlessness in the United States is reaching alarming an level.

In light of that, Eisenhower's coaching staff represents a unique solution. All four members of the coaching staff either have a son or a nephew on the Panthers' roster. They're actively involved in their lives on (and more importantly off) the court. They provide tough love when it's needed and tender love when they require that, too. And it's working.


It's been a fun year for the "Panther dads" -- their sons are the four leading scorers on the team. (Assistant Terry Cook is the uncle of junior guard Lunden Cook, whose father Scott Cook is a non-bench coach who serves as video coordinator.)

In this WAND feature story, head coach Rodney Walker and his assistants Mike Phillips, Terry Cook and Carlton Rowe share their thoughts on the power of being a positive male role model to their relatives and to kids on the team who don't have that presence in their lives. Their sons (and nephew) also talk about what it means to them to have a strong father figure.