Trophies Monticello

Former Monticello athletes Lucy Northen (left) and her mother Teri Coleman gather various trophies from their days in a Sage uniform.

MONTICELLO, Ill. (WAND) -- Now how'd you like to have this problem.

Too many trophies.

Monticello High School found itself with this very problem -- a comical one at that.

The school offered up more than 500 trophies to the public this week as a way of reconnecting former athletes with their past, but also helping clear some much-needed space at the school district's facilities.

That includes former athletes like Teri Coleman and her daughter Lucy Northen, who filtered through the piles of accolades together and reminisced about their days suiting up for the Sages.

As for the space issue, it turns out there is one drawback to winning (!) WAND Sports reporter Orlando Toatley explains.