As we at the WAND Sports department look back on 2019, I wanted to do something deeper than just showing the top plays or on-court moments.

That's when it hit me: you have taught me and the rest of the community an incredible lesson this year. You've taught us all about the power of generosity.

You've shown the fruits of that generosity, the impact it makes. But you've also proven a critical point: that anybody can practice generosity, not just those with substantial resources.

Here's to a 2020 that will take that generosity one step further as we reflect on the parable of the widow who gives away her two copper coins.


Gordon Voit

WAND Sports Director

➡️ Calvin Carson and Terry Mason of Big Kings basketball

➡️ Workman family of Millikin University

➡️ Scotty Gilkey, Jr. of Eastern Illinois

➡️ Lance Irvin and Rodell Davis of Chicago State University

➡️ Decatur Youth Football League and coach Issac Wilson

➡️ Trevor Higgins and his scholarship with Pana High School