WARRENSBURG, Ill. (WAND) -- 200 to 300 shots at a time, players from the Warrensburg-Latham Men's Basketball team practice in preparation for the 2021 season.

"When they come in, we have to take their temperature, make sure their hands are clean, we clean the basketballs everyday, and we get them on the shootaway, and I just stand back and let them shoot," Head Coach Vic Binkley said. "I may make a couple of suggestions to them."

200 to 300 shots, just one player and one coach at all times. 

"And then they have to be out of the gym before the next person can come in, but it's better than nothing. A chance for me to talk to them," Binkley said.

From talking to Binkley, you can tell optimism is one of his strong suits. As a result, it's impacted his players. 

"Right now, you just gotta hopefully believe, you just gotta pray and believe that there will be some type of a season," Senior Jackson Cook said. "Even if it's only a 15-game season to just even a month of a season. As long as the players get some type of season, I think we'll be okay with that."

For Cook, he's taking the optimism one step further. 

"I'm expecting a regional title at least, and hopefully if we have playoffs, we can make a run for sectionals, but minimum for our team, we have to win a regional this year. Especially after coming up short last year."

Warrensburg went 15-16 last season. There's no guarantee they get to play 31 games this year, but they'll prepare for it regardless. 

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