3-Degree Guarantee

Here at WAND, we pride ourselves on bringing you the most accurate weather forecasts in the area; in the summer of 2014, we became the first station in central Illinois confident enough to guarantee them. WAND’s 3-Degree Guarantee evolved into a unique partnership between local charities, WAND, and the IBEW. 

The concept is simple. Five days a week on WAND News at 10, WAND’s meteorologist will give you their 3-Degree Guarantee. The guarantee of the next day's high temperature will be within three degrees of what was predicted.

The next day on WAND News at 6, WAND’s meteorologist will compare the forecast with the day's actual high temperature.

Each day it is right, WAND and the IBEW will donate to a "charity of the month." WAND presents the money at the end of each month to the charity. It's WAND's way of giving back to the community while holding ourselves to the high standard and accuracy viewers have come to expect of WAND.  

While others may follow WAND by doing similar promotions, WAND’s forecasts continue to live up to the promise of being the most accurate in central Illinois (Decatur-Springfield-Champaign area). Everybody wins with WAND’s 3 Degree Guarantee.