Cool trend continues to wrap up July

(WAND) -- Temperatures are expected to remain below average into the last week of July.

Meteorologist Adam Del Rosso says the hottest days this week will be Tuesday and Wednesday with highs in the mid 80s. The average high for late July is 87°. Del Rosso says temperatures cool even more into the upcoming weekend with highs in the upper 70s.

Rain chances will be limited for most of the week, according to Del Rosso. He says a stray shower is possible Thursday, otherwise do not expect rain until Saturday night into Sunday. Forecast amounts range from 0.50" to 1.00", locally more.

Ag Expert David Brown says these conditions are optimal for a great yield. "The cooler temperatures are adding bushels to the corn.  Soybeans are also in very good shape," Brown says. "Corn is in its fill stage where weight is put into the kernels on the ear of corn.  As we drive by corn fields, you can see the ears starting to get bigger as the kernels start filling out.  The cool temperatures are what the doctor ordered."

Brown mentions that fair season is upon many counties. He says they also like the cool temperatures since livestock spend a lot of time in hot barns.  It's also easier on those working at the fairgrounds, either showing or putting on the event, or just in attendance. 

"We still are building quickly on growing degree days.  Farmers feel it will be an early harvest if we continue on this pace," adds Brown. "Local counties could lead the country in yield potential. It's a tough one to call at this time, but certainly looks good."