Corn to reach maturity by next week

(WAND) -- Seasonable temperatures this week will push the corn to full maturity, a few weeks ahead of average.

Meteorologist Adam Del Rosso says high temperatures will stay in the 80s all week with lows staying in the 60s. This will accumulate an additional 170 growing degree days putting the season total over the threshold of 2700. 

For soybeans, the process is a little behind compared to the corn which means more rain will be valuable. The best window for rain this week will be from Tuesday night through Thursday morning, with most rain falling Wednesday. One to two inches of rain is possible this week.

Ag Expert Dave Brown says this is an optimal forecast for farmers at the State Fair given the lack of extreme heat or humidity.

He says the next step for the corn crop is to start drying up.

"At maturity, the corn would be at 30% moisture or more and a good harvest moisture level would be in the low 20s.  At that point, artificial drying would also be needed. Corn needs to be dried to around 15% for long term storage," he says. " On a good, hot late-summer day, corn will dry about 1 point of moisture a day."